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This course is tailored for participants who perform regular analysis on business information like product/service performance, operational expenses, payroll/wage processing, bank reconciliations, tracking employees’ info, etc. and expect exceptional figures and trends to be easily spotted as a basis for decisions (e.g. overdue invoices, sales over target, missing/repeated records etc.)

Course Brief

  • The use of ($) for Cell referencing (locking formulas).
  • Useful data cleansing processes (comparing lists, identify & remove duplicates).
  • Testing specified conditions using logical functions (IF, Nested-IF and Ageing analysis).
  • Handling genuine errors result by use of IFERROR
  • Using Text functions (LEFT, RIGHT, TRIM, CONCATENATE) to return the number of specified characters from a given text or join two/more text strings; Using the Flash-Fill feature.
  • Retrieving and reconciling data made easier by use of VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP.
  • Excel features to make powerful charts.
  • Manipulating dates (MONTH, TODAY, WORKDAY, YEAR, DATE).
  • Control user input in a worksheet using Data Validation (drop-down lists, dates validation).
  • Consolidating data from multiple worksheets (by Position, by Category, using a Formula).
  • Summarizing data using PIVOT-TABLES.
  • Apply cell formatting using inbuilt Conditional Formatting.

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